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Below are our tuition rates per lesson.  We typically recommend 45 to 60 minute lessons for students over 10 years old, or those who practice regularly.  

Prepayment for four lessons will reduce the tuition by $5 per lesson.  For example: pre-pay for a 45 minute weekly lesson would run $220, saving $20 total.


Please note that some months will contain five weeks and will require an extra lesson payment.

music lessons, piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, violin, cello, viola, oboe, clarinet, flute, drums, percussion

30 Minute Lessons

Weekly:        $45

Pre-Pay:      $40

45 Minute Lessons

Weekly:        $60

Pre-Pay:      $55

60 Minute Lessons

Weekly:        $75

Pre-Pay:      $70

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