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About Us

We are a group of teachers who are passionate about musical education.  It is our belief that music is a gift to be shared - not just between instructor and student but also between the student and their community.


At The Reymundo School, we understand our students have busy schedules, so we offer in-person lessons in the students’ homes or virtual lessons over Zoom. The convenience of not having to drive to and from lessons will allow students to focus on what's important: music.      


We teach the most popular instruments: piano, guitar, beginning violin, beginning viola, ukulele, and voice (singing).  In addition to instrument and voice lessons, we also provide live performance coaching sessions and lessons in songwriting/music composition, music theory, and sound reinforcement and recording. 


Lessons are given weekly and run 30, 45, and 60 minutes.  For more information, see our Methodology and Tuition pages.

Piano Lessons Herndon, Reston, Sterling, Va
Ethel Maloy Reymundo

Ethel was a brilliant musician who loved playing the piano, violin and singing.  She is an inspiration to us because of her dedication to the art of music.  Ethel lived in Pensacola, Florida during the 1920s where she taught piano and violin.  She was well known in Pensacola for her talent and passion for teaching.  


Our founder, Kenny Reym, is the grandson of Ethel and this school is dedicated to her memory and love of music.

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